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The P Zero Corsa is Pirelli's DOT-legal Competition tire primarily developed for use on high performance cars at drivers' schools and lapping days conducted on race tracks. The P Zero Corsa incorporates Pirelli's racing experience to enhance driving satisfaction at the limits of performance.

On the outside, The P Zero Corsa uses a high hysteresis tread compound that transfers the vehicle's horsepower to a dry track by developing inspiring grip at high tread temperatures. This tread compound is molded into a unique asymmetric and directional tread pattern that features a sturdy outer shoulder to provide lateral stability and cornering grip, while grooves in the tire's central and inner tread areas enhance wet track handling and braking. The P Zero Corsa's asymmetric and directional tread design requires separate "left" and "right" side tires for the vehicle as branded on each tire's sidewall. On the inside, the P Zero Corsa features highly flexible steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to enhance steering precision and provide high-speed capability while reducing weight.

The P Zero Corsa is molded with 6/32" of tread depth in its grooves and is available unshaved for use on damp tracks or shaved to between 3/32" to 4/32" of tread depth for use on dry tracks.

Caution: The P Zero Corsa is not recommended for driving on extremely wet roads where there is the risk of hydroplaning. This is especially true of shaved or worn tires. Drivers should drive cautiously at reduced speeds in these conditions.

Note: Unlike other Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, the 215/45R17 87Y size features a unique tread compound molded into an 8/32" deep directional tread design. It is assigned a UTQG rating of 140 AA A.