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Oil Change Service

For most vehicles, our standard oil change service includes changing your oil filter, adding up to 5 quarts of multi-grade oil and the disposal of your old oil. Here at Discount Tire Centers, we recommend that you change your oil every 3,000-6,000 miles to maintain a healthy engine and car. We also provide premium oil changes for your Mercedes, BMW & other exotics. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your next oil change!

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Alignment Service

When you place new tires on your vehicle, or you've driven your vehicle over a long period of time, your vehicle may shift out of alignment. At Discount Tire Centers, you can count on us to inspect your alignment FOR FREE. Once we inspect your vehicles' alignment, we will confidently recommend whether or not your vehicle would benefit from an alignment service.

Our alignment service includes:

  • Inspecting your suspensions system
  • Taking Computer Measurements
  • Making the factory adjustments to restore proper alignment

We have three options for your alignment service:

  • A One-Time alignment service that includes a 90-day warranty
  • A 3-Year alignment service that allows you to bring your vehicle in to any
    Discount Tire Centers during regular business hours to receive an alignment for 3 years from the date of original purchase
  • A lifetime alignment service providing you with an alignment service during regular business hours for as long as you own your vehicle

See our alignment warranty policies for further details.

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Brake Service

We will inspect your brake system thoroughly and provide you with a detailed inspection report on the wear level of your brakes. We recommend that you replace your brake pads once they have worn down to 2/32" or based on your vehicle manufacturers recommendation. At Discount Tire Centers, we will install brake pads and shoes, machine brake rotors and/or drums, (most vehicles) inspect your hydraulic system, and test drive your vehicle upon completion of the service. Receive a FREE BRAKE INSPECTION today when you stop in to your local store!

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Fluid Exchange

The fluids that course through your vehicles' engine (and other components) sometimes require that you change them to maintain a healthy and high-performing vehicle. Fuel economy can be drastically improved with simple maintenance services. Discount Tire Centers is proud to offer you all of the services listed below (and more) to help you maintain your vehicles' performance:

Brake fluid flush

  • reduces harmful deposits
  • Improves braking performance and response

Fuel system tune-up

  • reduces harmful deposits & increases performance
  • improves performance & horsepower
  • reduces hard start and rough idling
  • cleans varnish, gum and deposits in injectors & combustion chamber (Throttle body optional)

Complete engine oil service

  • better fuel economy
  • cleaner is added to old oil and circulated to clean and remove deposits
  • old oil removed and new oil and filter added
  • conditioner is added to reduce friction which promotes longer engine life better fuel economy

Transmission service

  • safely removes harmful deposits and replaces 95% of the fluid
  • helps smooth rough and hard shifting problems
  • helps stop & prevent leaks, revitalizes seals and extends fluid life

Power steering service

  • safely removes harmful deposits
  • components receive proper lubrication
  • extends power steering life

Coolant system service

  • prevents overheating
  • restores coolant flow and heat transfer efficiency
  • removes rust and small deposits
  • lubricates water pump and protects metal parts

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Shocks & Struts

Let our trained professionals inspect your shocks & struts today for any conditions that may result in poor vehicle performance. Your shocks and struts play a vital role in your steering response, vehicle stability, & Stopping abilities. Our trained professionals will recommend and service the shocks and struts on your vehicle to provide you with a "peace of mind" driving experience. If you notice uneven tread wear or excessive leaning or swaying when making turns, or drastic nose diving when braking. Schedule an appointment for an inspection today.

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Cooling System Service

Keep your cooling system in great shape with a radiator flush or by replacing any cracked, old belts or hoses. We also provide air conditioning services at many of our stores. Call your local equipped store to schedule an appointment today!

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Battery Service

One of the things that most of us don't think to check is often the one thing that can leave you stuck on the side of the road. Let us inspect your battery today to measure its level of charge and stability. We carry a large selection of Interstate batteries to keep your vehicle charged and on the road.

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30-60-90k Mile Service

Your vehicle comes from the factory with maintenance schedules so you can maintain the best levels of performance. Discount Tire Centers is able to cater to these services just as your auto dealership can, and we guarantee a better price. We will be happy to go over the maintenance schedule in your owners manual with you. We provide the following services and more to meet your factory scheduled maintenance requirements:

  • brakes
  • shocks
  • struts
  • oil changes
  • coolant flushes
  • air Filters
  • cabin air filters
  • suspension
  • alignment
  • minor tune-ups
  • inspect and/or replace belts and hoses
  • power steering and more...

Every manufacturer has different recommendations for scheduled maintenance. Let us review the recommendations for your vehicle with you today.

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