How to Buy Tires

In order to make your online buying experience simple and educational we have a short guide for you on how to buy tires! Follow along and find the right products for you simply and quickly.

Define How You Want to Buy Tires

Once you chose to search for tires you must decide on how you would like to search for them. We have provided you with three simple choices:

Search by the type of vehicle you own

Search By Vehicle

If you have a staggered fitment, factory options will be shown after this search.

Search by the size of tire you are looking for

Search By Tire Size

Once you have entered in your tire or vehicle information Get Tires

Filter Your Search Results

You can also filter your search results by selecting a specific brand or sorting your results by price and rating.

Search Filter

Once you know which tires you would like to purchase select the quantity to the right of the tire information and
Click on Add To Cart

Add To Cart Example

The Shopping Cart & Checking Out

You will be taken to your shopping cart where you can review your selection.
Click on 'continue' once you have confirmed your order.

Next, you will be asked to enter in your contact information.
Click on 'continue' to move forward with your purchase.

You will then be taken to select and enter in a method of payment.
Here you can also select a store location and reservation time that
you would like to have your new products installed.
Click on 'Make Reservation' to complete your order.

Confirmation & Thank You

After completing your order, make sure to print out the confirmation of your order and reservation date, time, & location

Thank you again for visiting our web site, we hope your tire buying experience with Discount Tire Centers is an enjoyable one!

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